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"A Donkey Tale"

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Puppet theatre for children to play along with Cordula Nossek in German, English or French — duration: 45 minutes


Der Krautesel

I'm the donkey Francis and I've been bewitched by the radix-blackguard! Plus, my countrywoman Lisa doesn't like me anymore because I have eaten her salad!

Right now I'm very sad - could you please help me to become a real donkey again and that Lisa forgives me?

I-a, yours, Francis.

Facts (per September, 30th 2005)

Title: "A Donkey Tale"
Words: Cordula Nossek (based on Grimm)
Debut performance: Autumn 1993, Kammertheater (im Schauspielhaus) Neubrandenburg - Neubrandenburg (D)
Producer: Kammertheater Neubrandenburg
Direction, play & stage-design: Cordula Nossek

Technical Rider

Stage: not less than 3m (width) x 3m
Set up time : 30 minutes
Disassembly: 15 minutes
Stage light: no special requirements
Seats: maximum 150 recommended
Duration: 45 minutes

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