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“A Tale With a Snail”

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Pressefotos SchneckenalarmPuppet theatre in a vegetable patch for very young children in German, English or French language suitable from the age of 2 — duration: 40 minutes

The snail Gina has been living in the vegetable patch her whole life and she just loves it: she eats salad, climbs some carrots, and slides down the rhubarb.

Unfortunately it has not been raining for a very long time and all the vegetables are starting to wither and this lonely big old boot over there just cannot help either! Gina has got to make a decision: she is going to dance the rainmaker's dance

Oh, she better did not but we will hear who rescued her from the flood, how the boot learned to walk, and what the Megacarrot is about, just before a big party starts in garden.


Title: “A Tale With a Snail”
Words: (version of May, 11th 2004): Cordula Nossek &
Debut performance: May, 11th 2004, WUK Kinderkultur — Wien (A)
Producer: Dachtheater
Play: Cordula Nossek
Artistic advice: Stefanie van Felten
Stage-design: Gernot Ebenlechner

Sponsored by:Wien Kultur

Technical Rider

Stage: not less than 3,50m (width) x 3,50m (depth), no podium!
Set up time : 120 minutes
Disassembly: 60 minutes
Stage light: no special requirements
Seats: maximum 90 recommended, no chairs for the first two rows
Duration: 40 minutes

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