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“Why explore space? Why, indeed, did we trouble to look past the next mountain? Our prime obligation to ourselves is to make the unknown known. We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are.” — Gene Roddenberry

On June, 16th 1963 female Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereschkowa took off from Baikonur aboard a Wostok A-1 rocket being the first woman in space. Her flight ought to be the finishing goal of the Soviet Wostok-program space efforts but Valentina was unable to fulfil her obligations. She suffered from space sickness and dizziness during the whole flight and could not even show one successful experiment.

On June, 18th 1983 American female astronaut Sally Ride entered space with the Challenger space shuttle. The flight of the first western woman in space went according to plan and Sally managed to finish all important experiments during the 147 hour mission.


Skywalker press photosA play for two well-trained actresses suitable from the age of 12 — duration: 60 minutes

Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereschkowa and American astronaut Sally Ride encounter in space. Soon they realize how different they are!

Ok, just don't forget about the experiments — and didn't they both dream of this journey to space for years? Zero gravitiy rules!

But: what to do with sickened Valentina? And who takes care of the garbage in the end. With the infrequent privilege to be far away from home a fascinating story takes place...

Facts (per May, 8th 2005)

Title: “Skywalker”
Debut performance : April, 19th 2005, Dschungel Wien - Vienna (A)
Produktion: Dachtheater & Karin Schäfer Figuren Theater
Words, play, direction & stage design: Cordula Nossek & Karin Schäfer
Music: Gernot Ebenlechner & Roland Hackl
Stage-light: Peter Hauptmann

Supported by :Wien Kultur

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